Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding Shoes


A wedding is a special day for the bride, the groom together with the friends and family. This is the day when everyone needs to look nice but the bride has to be the most well dress since everyone's attention will be on her. Apart from the wedding dress, beautiful wedding shoe will make the outfit perfect. There are a lot of wedding shoes available in the market but a handmade designer wedding shoe from a reputable company such as Rachael Simpson give you the beauty and quality you deserve. You will have to consider a lot of factors when choosing a wedding shoe such as comfort and how they match your wedding dress but you will never go wrong with the following tips.


The first thing to do when shopping for the wedding day outfit is to choose the wedding dress. You may be attracted by some shoes and be tempted to buy them first but it would be better to start with the dress so that it can guide you on the shoe to buy. The wedding shoe should complement the wedding dress in aspects such as color and design and starting with the shoe will end up confusing you. You will also need to choose the RACHEL SIMPSON shoe depending on the size of the dress.


The next factor to consider is the heel height. It is advisable to stick to RACHEL SIMPSON shoe with a heel size that you are comfortable with. This heel size is the one you have been wearing for a long time and you are a hundred percent sure that you can comfortably walk in them. Comfort is a very important factor in a wedding day because the ceremony can take the whole day and a huge part of the night. You can choose high heels if you have short wedding dress and flat wedding shoes if the dress is long.

You should also consider the color of your choose. Traditionally, White shoes were the ideal shoe for a wedding but you can choose any color today from blue sparkly wedding shoes Rachel Simpsons blush sparkly shoes. You can choose a color that fits your tastes and preference but it is necessary to make sure that it matches your wedding dress. Some metallic shoe colors like gold and silver can be very effective in matching the type of jewelry you plan to wear.


To ensure that you have bought the right shoe, it is advisable to wear it for a couple of time after buying. It can be very confusing and stressing when you wear a shoe on your wedding day only to find out that it is not as comfortable as it looks. Wearing the shoe before the wedding day will also help you determine whether there are any adjustment needs and will also help in giving the new shoe the shape of your feet. Read more facts about shoe, go to